Photography is a visual art that can be realized using traditional methods, it is also worth reaching for the world of imagination and fantasy. In my practice, I am often guided by intuition, without which there is no art.

Edward Hartwig

Edward Hartwig (1909-2003) was one of the most famous Polish photographers, the originator of the concept of authorial photographics. He considered the photographic medium to be space for expression and freedom both for the artist and viewers of his works. He took photographs during almost all of his life and became a laureate of many prestigious awards in Poland and abroad. Co-founder of ZPAF (The Union of Polish Art Photographers).

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Edward Hartwig


The Edward Hartwig Foundation was founded in 2017 as an organisation established to take care of the archives of the famous photographer. Its goal is to develop and publish the artistic legacy of Hartwig. The Foundation’s activity is inaugurated by the publication of the first part of resources from the photographer’s legacy being the property of his family. The Foundation’s forthcoming plans include further digitisation of his works and archives related to his activities and the development of a first monograph focusing solely on his work and life. The position of the President of the Foundation is held by Ph.D. Marika Kuźmicz, who is an art historian lecturer at Collegium Civitas and the University of Warsaw and a photography and new media researcher particularly interested in the field of video.

The Foundation was founded by Danuta Hartwig-Saulewicz.